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               M/s D.S. NARAYANA & CO., which was established in the year 1923 is the oldest shipping agency, in Kakinada. This firm is one of the few Indian Companies who have started Steamer Agency Business when the entire trade was dominated by the Britishers. During the 2nd World War Kakinada Port was closed for Shipping due to Security reasons. The firm finding survival difficult, extended its activities to Chennai and Visakhapatnam Ports. While a Branch of Visakhapatnam started in the Year 1942 and the Chennai Branch was opened in 1944.


               In the port of Kakinada, D.S. Narayana & Co., was the first company to handle iron Ore Exports and wheat Imports. In the year 1950 when the Wheat Imports were commenced the entire quantity was brought by the Ministry of food which was handled by the company. The iron Ore exports when first started in 1952, D.S.N. had handled 90% of exports on behalf of the various private exporters. Even after the Iron ore Exports were taken over by the state Trading Corporation, DSN continued to handle iron ore Exports. After M.M.T.C. came into being as the sole Exporter of Minerals and Metals from India, DSN continued handling the Iron are shipments on their behalf until 1962.

In the port of Visakhapatnam the firm handled wheat imports for the first time when the Ministry of food had brought their first vessel m.v. ADMIRAL USHOKOV in the year 1949. In the year 1955 the entire Project material of Bhilai Steel Plant had been cleared by the DSN. Besides clearing work DSN has acted as Ship's Agents as well as stevedores.

In the Chennai, DSN confined itself to the clearing and forwarding activities only, handling Tobacco, Oil cakes shipments, Import of M.O.P and Export of Sugar.

DSN is one of the oldest clearing agency of chennai port and continues to carry the same Business till date.

Though DSN is a closely held family company, with a view to professionalise the management, experienced people are associated to serve on the Board of the Company. The Visakhapatnam branch is headed by Vice President, who is a marine engineer. And the Chennai Office is headed by one of the Directors. Our managing Director, is the Chairman of the cocanada Chamber of Commerce, Kakinada and he wealds good influence both at State and Central Government levels. Our Directors and staff maintain a good rapport with Port, Customs and other Government officials.

DSN have very efficient persnnel separately looking after every aspect concerning Clearing and forwarding, Steamship Agency and Stevedoring and can confidently assure you best services in the above fields.

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